Sharing a good laugh together.

For more than a month we’ve had to conform
To staying at home but it’s just not the norm
I want my life back to the way it has been
And say a goodbye to this COVID-19

I thought I’d be happy to lie in my bed
And not go to work but to stay home instead
But would you believe through what I have seen
My thoughts now have changed thanks to COVID-19

I’d rather be active and back at my work
But more so than that I miss my dear “kirk”
To be back with the saints I am really most keen
But that is not possible due to COVID-19

From three meals a day I’m now down to one
It lasts from the morning until day is done
I used to be fit and really quite lean
But now I am fat thanks to COVID-19

Much work round the house I said I would do
But the hours that I had were always so few
That was my excuse If you know what I mean
The work’s still undone in spite of COVID-19

My car usually does about 10 to the Litre
But when I look now and check out the meter
The needle seems stuck, I don’t need gasoline
And that’s all because of COVID-19

I boasted last week to a friend called Peter
That now I can get three weeks to a litre
There’s no where to go due to this quarantine
A result of the virus called COVID-19

We’re told that we must keep two metres apart
In order to flatten the curve on the chart
It’s hard to maintain that distance between
But it helps to defeat this COVID-19

You’re getting too close dear, to my wife I had said
So she promptly moved over and fell out of bed
I’m sure you are thinking that’s rather extreme
But let’s blame it all on this COVID-19

When things do change and we get back together
It may be quite difficult to recognize one another
Our hair will have grown to a length never seen
Another result of this COVID -19

There’ll be hair that is grey and some in a bun
Others I’m sure will look like Boris Johnson
Some people will think that it’s still Halloween
But the monster in this is this COVID-19

The ladies may choose to cover their head
With hats that hide their grey roots instead
There’ll be others I’m sure will have dyed their hair green
And you know whom to blame, yes it’s COVID-19

We think we’re so smart, put a man on the moon
Working so hard now and I hope really soon
To outsmart this virus and find a vaccine
And finally conquer this COVID-19

God finds a way to make us seem small
By allowing a virus that you can’t see at all
To take over the world and prompt even the Queen
To include in her speech this COVID-19

It’s only in crisis we give God the space
In our lives and to sing his “Amazing Grace”
If that’s what it takes to get man’s esteem
Then I will give thanks for this COVID-19

It’s Sunday again and I’m getting frustrated
Doing church on your own is so overrated
Please God may we soon in your house convene
Having said a “GOODBYE” to this COVID-19

Verdun Community Church