Launch into Deep Waters

There are some thoughts I’d like to share with you from Luke 5:1-11.

Why Deep Waters?

They can be cold, dark, unpredictable and challenging.

They require courage, trust, obedience, and much faith.

They are out of our comfort zone.

These experienced fishermen knew these familiar waters, but Jesus wanted
them to know that His Timing is always perfect, and what is impossible with man
is possible with God.

Sometimes the same old, same old doesn’t work.

We need to constantly evaluate our methods, and see if we need to change them.
We need fresh vision, fresh eyes, fresh ways of doing things.

Casting our nets into deeper waters will cost us, will mean personal sacrifice,
and will mean obedience to Gods direction and timing.

Our strategy may have to take a different direction.

To catch new fish we need to be alert. We need to have different nets for different
kinds of fish.
Did you ever see a whale swim in a pond, or try to catch a lobster with a worm
on a hook?

Why Simon’s Boat?

Jesus had preached Kingdom Truth to the multitude.Simon Peter’s faith and trust
in Jesus increased as he saw Jesus Power in action.He recognized his own sin
and unworthiness.He felt compelled to follow Him at any cost and be obedient.
At Jesus command the 4 disciples left all to follow Him and win souls for the Kingdom.

Are we willing to do the same?

To let go of selfishness and plans for our lives, and see what God has in store for us?
My prayer for myself and for you this week is that God will rekindle the fire
of passion for souls, to listen to His voice and be willing to go into deeper waters
so that our catch will be greater.

Verdun Community Church