God is Faithful.

I love the Hymn Great is thy faithfulness and have been singing it a lot these days.

“All I have needed Thy Hand has provided.”

I sure these days you have like me taken stock of what our needs really are.
What do we really need to survive?
We don’t need the superfluous, the extravagance ,the luxury.
What we once consider our needs no longer are and may even be our greeds.
God taught his disciples to pray ‘ Give us this day our daily bread”
Just the basics, what we need for today.
He is the bread of life and all we need to sustain us on a daily basis.
God has been faithful to all generations, and He will be to this one, and the next His Will and Purpose will be fulfilled in each generation.

He is Faithful. Do we continue to be faithful to him as we pass through these times?
As we heard from Ps. Jamie on Sunday lets focus on others needs and less on our own.
I guarantee as we focus on others needs a God will meet ours.
Indeed I have proved this many times in my own life down the years.
In Lamentations3 v.23 says:

Great is his faithfulness, his mercies begin afresh each day.
May we rejoice this week in the faithfulness of God
Love and God Bless
Angela. 💕

Verdun Community Church