Following Jesus

Are we truly committed to following Jesus?
Do we even realize what that means?

As I’ve been thinking about this, the words of Luke in Chapter 9:59 come to mind. It says this, “let me first go and bury my father.” It sounds like a legitimate excuse does it not? After all, how long does it take to bury someone? A couple of hours? But digging deeper into this and the culture of the day we can better understand Jesus’ strange response. One can observe the following: this man’s father was not yet dead and his son was using a common expression of the day, “Let me first go and bury my father.” He meant, “Let me wait till I receive my inheritance.” He was putting off his obedience to follow Christ until it was a convenient time in his life where he would be financially secure. This was about money.

Are we not guilty of the same thinking at times? We set up “milestone” excuses in our lives such as; finishing school, getting married, having kids, buying a house, when our bills are paid. Jesus demands an immediate response from us to follow him. The disciples “immediately” left their nets and followed him. They left their careers and their livelihood right away. Do we trust our earthly inheritance for security or do we trust Christ? Jesus’ response of, “Let the dead bury their dead”, just meant let this normal procedure take place by those who usually take care of it. Don’t you worry, just follow me. You have a higher calling – Kingdom business. In verse 61 we see where Jesus’ response to, “let me first say goodbye to my family” sounds very harsh. Does Jesus not care about our families? This again revealed a deeper problem in this man’s heart, showing that his first love was his relationship with family, friends and social standing. Of course our families are important but Jesus demands that we love him first and are willing to sacrifice our family and friends if need be to follow him.

Fast forward to today. What excuses do we make not to completely dedicate ourselves to building God’s Kingdom. I leave that thought with you and me.

Let’s think about how committed we are and how much we value our comforts, our security, our family and friends, our finances. Let’s put God first in everything seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and he will take care of everything else. Be committed to winning souls for the Kingdom, serving your community, loving your neighbours, serving your church.

This is following Jesus!

Verdun Community Church