Change of Location or Change of Heart

Sometimes it’s good to have a change of location. It lifts your spirits and helps you to see with new eyes (vision).

It may be you relocate to a new home, a new city or even a new country. Having done all of the above on many occasions in my life, and even though it can mean sacrifices, it can be exciting, challenging and sometimes scary. But while moving geographically you may feel all of these emotions temporarily, at the beginning, in the end the new prospects will more than compensate for the initial apprehensions.

God knew this when he challenged the Israelites to leave Egypt to go into the promised land, flowing with milk and honey. They moaned and groaned at every little change along the journey, complaining that things weren’t like before. The customs were different, the food was different, etc. etc. What God wanted to see in them was “a change of heart”. He knew that was the only thing that would help them cope with the many challenges they were to face and the only thing that would help them in their new environment. With a change of heart they would see with new eyes, stop complaining and trust God because He knew what was best for them.

The Israelites thought a new geographical location would bring them to freedom. It proved not to be. Only a change of heart would do that.

God wants us to leave behind our traditions or fears as individuals and as a church and move forward to a change of heart and a change of attitudes, with new hopes, new dreams, new vision, trusting our leaders but even more so trusting God.

Verdun Community Church