Build Someone Up

I have been thinking a lot about the beauty of encouragement. Encouragement is something we all need in order to grow and mature as individuals and as Christians. Living life is the greatest gift of all, especially when this life is lived with the newness and in the freedom that Jesus has gifted us with. But as we all know there are seconds, minutes, moments, and seasons in our lives that are filled with disappointments, challenges, and even darkness. The only way we can get out of these places is with the help of God and those around us.

God says He is always with us. In Haggai 1:13 God tells the people that despite all their hard work, the failures, the ruined plans, and so on, that He was with them! What an incredible promise. This is definitely the best encouragement they had ever received. This in turn brought them joy to continue living daily and everything they did was done with enthusiasm, and they brought glory to God by their changed lives.

We can always count on God. This is a truth that will never fail. But can we count on each other to build us up with encouragement?

Sometimes we are so focused on ourselves and what we are facing in life.
We forget that there are others in this journey of life with us that need to be encouraged and built up too. We all need to be built up, some more than others, but it’s something we all need at a point in time.

I love this passage below. Our lives must be built on serving others with goodness, peace and joy. When we serve with an attitude of goodness, then we please God. When we are good to others, building others up, this helps establish God’s kingdom here on Earth now (our newness in Christ).

Romans 14:17-19 tells us that the life we live in the kingdom of God is not one based on what we eat or drink. These are of little value to us. But it goes on to say that the life we should be living is one filled with “goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. If you serve Christ with this attitude, you will please God, and others will approve of you, too. So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up”.

Building others up is so important in life. This is the only way we can truly help others actually live out a life rooted in Christ.
Encouragement is not only speaking words that make you feel good, it is also speaking words that bring life, hope, peace, and change.

Romans 15: 2 describes what building others up means “we should help others do what is right”.

What we build will have a tremendous impact on the lives of those around us. If we build without encouragement, then the results will not be pleasing to God. But when we build with encouragement, we can expect the beauty of encouragement to bring about a life that will bring glory and honour to God. This is seen in Haggai 2, where the former way of life was changed by the encouraging word of the Lord. We can help others with our words of encouragement just like God did. God will bless you for building others up; and what a wonderful blessing it will be.

Verdun Community Church