A Very Different Easter.

I’m sure you will agree with me that this sure was a different Easter.
We couldn’t worship together in our church buildings.
We couldn’t share a festive lunch with our families, and the list goes on.
Because of technology though, we were able to watch encouraging messages from our Pastors, and indeed from around the world.
Although our locations were not our usual, the message of Easter remained the same- A Resurrected Christ.

I was impressed to hear the Queen say in her Easter Greeting
“We need Easter as much as ever”,and it was encouraging to hear her refer tothe Risen Christ.
We received a really neat quote from a friend in Brazil which said:
The manger is empty
The Cross is empty
The Tomb is empty
The Throne is not.

This is our hope, to one day be gathered around the throne, with all the saints, worshipping the Risen Christ.

Let us pray for those in our communities to come to know our Saviour
and that they will do so through us.

Let us reach out to our neighbours at this time, showing them love and acts of kindness.

Yes an isolated Easter this year, but not separated from the one who loves us and gave His Life for us.

Let’s continue to encourage one another ,as we move forward to better days.

Also let us continue to pray for those on the front line, who are fighting this virus daily.That God will protect them, and give them strength to face their long hours of duty.

God Bless.Stay safe.

Verdun Community Church