Leadership & Staff

Ps. James Sanders & Julie English

Ps. James Sanders is the Senior Lead Pastor at Verdun Community Church. He has grown up in the Apostolic Church in Canada and has a passion for connecting people with Christ. His heart is dedicated to helping people build a strong personal relationship with Christ and to train and equip all members of VCC in becoming true disciples of Christ.

Ps. Julie English is the Executive Pastor at VCC and shares the passion of helping others find Christ and live a life all in for Christ. Her heart is to encourage and disciple people in VCC to live a life of devotion to Christ; and in return reach others for Christ by showing grace, joy, and love to others.

Ps. Billy & Angela English

Ps. Billy and Angela English have a long history with the Apostolic Church, beginning in Ireland, and then immigrating to Canada in 1970 where they were actively involved with The Apostolic Church in Toronto. They also spent 17 years in Brazil as missionaries where they planted several churches which are thriving today and with whom they still have a close connection.

In 1996 they felt that God was calling them back to Canada, in particular to our church here in Verdun. Since then they have passionately guided our church with the vision to see us mature as followers of Christ and to make a positive impact in our community and beyond for Him. Ps. Angela English retired in 2018 yet continues to serve and encourage the leaders and members of VCC.

Ps. Billy English is currently the Assistant Pastor at Verdun Community Church and is actively serving Christ in helping full fill the vision and mission of VCC. He is also an Apostle with the Apostolic Church in Canada and helps equip and mentor pastors under the ACC and in Brazil.

Verdun Community Church